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The Crab Pad

Theresa Tran is owner and founder of The Crab Pad, located on Milwaukee Avenue in the heart of Logan Square.  This Viet-Cajun restaurant opened it’s doors in 2016 serving up traditional Cajun dry-rub boils, then submerging them in garlic butter creating a unique flavor experience.  The menu consists of items available in a “boil-in-a-bag” style with options like King and Snow Crab, mussel, crawfish and shrimp all available with multiple levels of spiciness.   If seafood isn’t your preferred option, plenty of non-seafood items are available for your enjoyment!  Old and young alike are drawn to their distinctive “build-your-own” dessert popsicles offering exotic flavors and eccentric toppings such as Fruity Pebbles, Vanilla Wafers, and more!  And, to make it even more appealing, The Crab Pad is BYOB!

The casual, laid-back and family-friendly environment pairs well with the growing diversity of Logan Square!

About the Owner

As a first-generation Vietnamese-American and one of eleven children hailing from San Jose, California, Theresa Tran graduated from San Jose State University with her Bachelor's Degree.  After years spent in the corporate world, she quickly realized her passion was in hospitality and food service industry.  Her business plan and dream finally became a reality when she moved to Chicago in 2016 and opened The Crab Pad.  Theresa loves supporting the local Logan Square community - from annual canned food drives, donating hot meals to Chicago Hope and never missing an opportunity to help the less fortunate who come by the restaurant in need of a meal. 


Theresa and The Crab Pad team are happy to be a part of this amazing community! 


General Manager

The Crab Pad is Managed and Operated by Theresa’s Business Partner, Neyra Rivera.   Neyra began working at The Crab Pad more than six years ago as a hostess.  Theresa could instantly see the dedication she had not only to the restaurant itself, but her continuous strive to give the customers the best experience possible.  Those characteristics made it a no-brainer for Theresa to continually promote her, ultimately making her a Partner in the restaurant.  When asked about the road to Neyra’s success and advancement - Theresa simply replied, “She’s earned it.” 


If you ask Neyra for a recommendation on what to order she’ll smile and always suggest her favorite -  “Mussels in Crab Pad Sauce with sausages.”  She’ll also remind you to “Leave room for dessert!” 

What is Viet-Cajun?


Viet-Cajun is known for its seafood boil being submerged in garlicy, buttery, cajun goodness whereas traditional Cajun boil is seasoned with only dry rub.

Picture of the owner and business partner
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