$29 Quarantine Special

Pick from any two of the following:

1/2 lb snow, 1lb blue crab, 1 lb shrimp, 1lb clams, 1lb mussels or 1 lb crawfish

Add Fries or Rice


3 mini fish tacos $5

crispy, delicious, and crunch in every bite

nacho fries $6

crispy fries drizzled with nacho cheese, house orange sauce, ranch and a side of jalapeno 

On this week Quarantine Special: Boba an

Top it off with a little booze

Check out our friendly neighbor while you pick up your food. Place your order here:

we love and support our local small business neighbors

Ice Cream & Boba 

Combo $5.99

Pick a pop, pick your toppings & drizzle it with chocolate

Boba Flavors:

Milk Tea: Strawberry, Peach, Chai, Matcha, or Plain Milk Tea

Jasmine Tea (No Milk): Strawberry, Peach, Chai, Matcha, or Plain Jasmine Tea 

Image by Alex Holyoake